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Master's study program in Hospital Management

Who can Register in the Program:

Individuals who have at least BA or BSc. in Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Mathematics, English, Psychology, Business Administration or Economics are eligible to register in and study this program in Hospital Management.


Study Period of the Program:

The total period for the study of the program is two academic years with four consecutive sessions.

Language of Instruction:

Students of the program are expected to be highly proficient in both Arabic and English. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are essential skills in this regard.


Graduate degrees of the Program:

Students who complete successfully the courses specified in 1st and 2nd Semesters and Summer training session will be provided upon request, with a Higher Education Diploma: Hospital Assistant Manager Diploma (HAMD). Moreover, Students who study successfully the required 13 courses, the Summer training session, and accomplish the research project will be endowed the Master's degree in Hospital Management (MAHM).


What Graduates of the Program Can Do:

Graduates fill many roles from staff analysts to middle management and main executive positions. Healthcare management professionals use their knowledge and skills to deliver the most positive encounters possible for consumer and staff alike. They have the opportunities to make significant contributions to improving the health of the communities their organizations serve.

Hospital Managers work as administrators, executives, planners, including planning and coordinating departmental activities, program evaluations, developing policies and procedures for various medical treatment and preventative activities, quality assurance, patient services, and public relations activities such as active participation in fund-raising and community health planning. Hospital managers also direct the recruitment, hiring, and training of personnel, budget planning, accounting, and rate-setting for health services, development and expansion of programs and services for scientific Research, preventive medicine, and medical and vocational rehabilitation.

With growing diversity in the healthcare systems, Hospital managers are needed in many settings, including:


  • Community Clinics.


  • Consulting firms.


  • Health insurance organizations.


  • Healthcare associations.


  • Private hospitals.


  • Nursing homes.


  • Physician clinics / centers.


  • Mental health organizations & Facilities.


  • Public health departments.


  • Rehabilitation centers.


· large corporate and public sector hospitals.


· International and national healthcare organizations.


· Health insurance companies.


· Healthcare Portals.


· Pharmaceuticals and Hospital Supply Firms.


· Medical Software Companies.


· Outpatient clinics.


· Hospices.


· Drug-abuse treatment centers.


  • Healthcare centers at universities and research institutions.

Program's Study Requirements

A- Core courses

1st Semester ( 5 courses, with 3 credit hrs each) : 1. Principles & Essential Elements of Hospital Management- 3 credit hrs2. Quantitative Techniques for hospital Management - 3 credit hrs 3. Organizational behavior and human resource Management - 3 credit hrs4. Community Health, Demography & Biostatistics- 3 credit hrs

5. Marketing Strategies in Hospital Management - 3 credit hrs

2nd Semester ( 5 courses, with 3 credit hrs each): 6. Hospital Research, Quality Assurance & Risk Management - 3 credit hrs 7. Ethical issues in healthcare and Hospital Management-3 credit hrs 8. Accounts and finance for Hospital Management - 3 credit hrs9. Hospital Patient Clinics Management -3 credit hrs

10. Hospital Management Entry & Records Systems- 3 credit hrs


Field internship (3 credit hrs): With the consent of study advisor, Students are expected to train at Summer for 6 - 8 weeks in a hospital, healthcare center, governmental or private health facility/ department. At the end of this training session, each trainee is required to provide a field research report adhering to the instructions of the advisor.

B- Elective courses & the Graduate Project (3rd & 4th Semesters):

Select three courses out of the following ( 9 credit hrs):

1- Hospital Management Support Facility Systems- Pharmacy, General Store & Inventory, and Laboratory- 3 credit hrs


2- Hospital Management Alternative Medical Systems- Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Physiotherapy, and Dental Services- 3 credit hrs


3- Hospital Management Communication Systems- User Manager, Emailing, Phones, and Online Contact Form- 3credit hrs


4- Monitoring Hospital Operations & Customers' Satisfaction- 3 credit hrs

Graduate Research Project (6 credit hrs)- Thesis, or a Translation of a Resource / Reference Book into Arabic. *****